New To Rivers

New To Rivers

When people think about church, they often think they have to be a certain type of person to belong to a church. We believe that whoever you are, you can be part of what Jesus is doing on earth here and now.

We think of ourselves as an ordinary group of people who have discovered life with Jesus, and this spills out into everything we say and do.

We are a worshipping community.

On Sundays, we love to worship Jesus together. We anticipate hearing from Jesus and responding to him as God’s Spirit leads us. We live a lifestyle of worship, where our Sundays connect with the rest of the week, and where we learn to be with Jesus in our families, at our work, in our neighbourhood and in whatever we are doing.

We look forward to opportunities to gather, not only on Sundays, but through the whole week. There’s a whole bunch of ways that we connect, and we’d love to connect too. Keep exploring our website or come and meet us to find out more!

We are part of Jesus’ mission here and now.

Jesus invites us to participate in his mission in our neighbourhood and in our world. We are a church who mission together. We believe that as we spend time with people beyond our church, that God will use our intentional relationships with colleagues, friends and neighbours to draw people to himself.

Our prayer is that we would continue to be a community of people, where anyone, no matter who they are, can worship God together, and that God would continue to lead us among our neighbours and around the world, to lead people into new life with Jesus.