What We Believe

What We Believe

What we believe about God and what he is like will ultimately determine what we believe about ourselves, how life works and who we become.

We believe that each and every person has been created for good and that we all experience the effects of human rebellion against God and the damage caused by evil.

We believe that Jesus shows us God’s great love for the whole world and invites us to be restored to new life, for the better.

Having been made new by Jesus, and filled with the Spirit of God, we recognise that we are sent together as God’s people to offer hope and healing in our world.

God: There is one God, and he is eternal. He exists in a 3-person community of perfect interaction. We call this community the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Creation: God created the universe and keeps it going. He created humans in His image to share in His perfect community and also to reflect His goodness throughout the earth.

Sin: Rather that sharing God’s perfect love, humans rebelled (sinned) against God’s loving rule. We separate ourselves from God’s perfect presence and live broken lives that lead to eternal separation from God.

Hope: God lovingly promised to send a rescuing king that would deal with our rebellion, heal our relationship with God and allow us to share is his life again.

Jesus: God became a man – the son of a virgin. This man, Jesus, proved to be the rescuing King by living a perfect life and by restoring love, joy, peace and life to people’s brokenness.

Cross: Jesus died to deal with our rebellion and heal our relationship with God. He was the perfect sacrifice for sin, taking our punishment and paying our penalty of death so that we could be forgiven and know God again.

Resurrection: Jesus rose from the dead conquering sin and death forever. This gives us confidence that Jesus is God, that he has dealt with our sin and that he can give us eternal life in perfect relationship with God.

Grace: We don’t have to do anything to make God pleased with us. We simply turn away from sin and back to God, asking for forgiveness and trusting that he loves us enough to rescue us through his death and resurrection – that’s grace!

Spirit: After Jesus went back to heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit to give us the power to live a new life. The Holy Spirit fills us with boldness, confidence and assurance to help us to know God, to honour Him and to tall others about Him.

Church: The church is another name for God’s new community of people that share in his love. It is like an extended family who experience the love, joy. Peace and life of God together through every area of life – in the good and the bad.

Mission: The church has been given the amazing task of sharing this incredible news of restored relationship with God throughout the world. Through our actions and words, we show and tell others that God can bring hope to broken lives.

Return: Jesus will come back to earth, bringing justice and judgement. Everyone that has asked to be forgiven and restored to God will be welcomed into His kingdom forever. Those that have chosen not to will enter eternal death outside of God’s goodness and love.