Kids Hope

One Child… a primary school child who needs the additional support of a consistent relationship with a caring adult.

One Hour… 60 critical minutes each week that transform the lives of both the child and the mentor.

One School… Lawnton State School

One Church… Rivers Baptist Church

Rivers Baptist Church has partnered with KIDS HOPE AUS and our local primary school – Lawnton State School, to support children in the areas of education, self-confidence and well-being.

Kids Hope Australia is a one-to-one mentoring program designed to assist primary age children needing additional support. Activities include academic work, games and craft. Getting to know each other on a level where trust and sharing can grow the relationship are important aspects of the connection being made.

Now entering our 3rd year of partnership with our local school, there are around 10 children and mentors involved in the program and we now also have the privilege of participating in other aspects of school life, classroom activities and special programs.