Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 10 (Friday, April 10)

Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 10 (Friday, April 10)

Read Mark 4:35-41

This one-time Jesus and his disciples jumped on a boat to cross to the other side of the lake.  It’s been a full-on day and Jesus lies down on a cushion in the stern of the boat to have a sleep. Whilst he is sleeping a storm begins to build, the wind blows stirring up the water into waves.  Before long the water is choppy and the boat is being bombarded by waves, the storm is incessant, and the waves threaten to sink the boat.  These disciples, amongst them seasoned fishers who are used to storms on the lake, are in a panic.  They know storms like this, these are the storms that sink boats and drown their occupants.  All on board are frantically trying to stop the boat from going under. Well, all but one.  Amongst the chaos and the panic, amongst the howling winds and battering waves one still sleeps.

Frantic for any help that they can get, for just one more pair of hands to bail out water, they grab Jesus and shake him awake.  In frustration and terror, they exclaim, ‘How can you sleep, don’t you care that we are all about to die’.  And in response Jesus does not turn to panic, he doesn’t bark orders at the boat’s crew, he doesn’t even begin to bail out water. He just stands calmly, and with peace he turns to look at the storm that has caused so much panic and says “Stop”. That’s it, that’s all he has to say.  And everything stops.  The wind vanishes, the waves return to calm, and within moments apart from the wet disciples and water in the boat it was like there was never a storm.

But I don’t think the terror left the disciples, but simply the cause of it changed.  From being a terror caused by the threat of their imminent drowning, now it was sourced by utter bewilderment towards the man in their midst.  They turn to each other in hushed whispers and begin to ask a question they will surely ask many more times, ‘Who is this man, that even the winds and the sea obey him?’

In the beginning God created through His Word. John 1 describes Jesus as the Word became human and moving into the neighbourhood.  Of course, the winds and the sea obeyed the word of Christ, because they heard the command of their Creator.  The same creator who had commanded them into existence was now asking them to calm down – they could do that – and they did.


  • What stood out for you in today’s story? Do you have any questions?
  • What are some things this week that have caused you to worry?
  • How does sharing your worries with others help you?
  • As you listen to each other’s worries, how can you support each other?
  • In our house, sharing things we are grateful for can help take the intensity out of some of our worries. Share some things you are thankful for.  What things does your family do to help take the heat out of your worries?  Email michael@riversbaptist.com your ideas so that he can share them with other families.
  • How have you stopped this week to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Pray For Each Other