Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 12 (Tuesday, April 14)

Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 12 (Tuesday, April 14)

Read Mark 6:7-13

There comes a point in any students’ life, when they have to take all the theory and begin to apply it. This is really a bit of a make or break moment and it can even be quite a terrifying moment! Being a little nerdy, before I learnt to drive, I studied the theory of driving. I learnt how gears work, the purpose of the clutch, the meaning of different terms. I really sought to understand everything about driving. But even with all the knowledge, the first time I got in the driver’s seat was terrifying. Sure, I got the theory, but actually driving was another thing altogether.

Often students will try put off the day when they have to put the theory into practice, but every good teacher knows that it’s only when you have an opportunity to practice what you have learnt that the learning really sinks in. And so it was with Jesus and the disciples. After watching Jesus heal people, cast out demons and teach – he tells them to do the same. In pairs he sends them out with clear instructions – to those who welcome you, stay with them – to the cities that reject you – wipe the dust from your feet as you leave (a massive insult in that culture by the way).

And the disciples went – they were obedient. And because they were obedient, because they had faith, they saw many miracles – many were cured of illness and demons were cast out – and they proclaimed a gospel of turning to God.

I can’t help but believe that our mission is no different to that of the disciples. We are commanded to go out like they did. But in fear of the unknown, in fear of failing, or because we are comfortable where we are, we often refuse to put the theory into practice. One of the sad problems of the modern church is that Churches are full of people with the theory, but not many are willing to actually put the theory into practice – to go out as Jesus commanded proclaiming that all should do a u-turn and follow Jesus, casting out demons and healing the sick.

Be obedient, when Jesus says to Go then GO! When Jesus says to tell others about eternal life – well, do it! Don’t worry about the excuses, just be obedient.


  • What stood out for you in today’s story? Do you have any questions?
  • What opportunities do you have to share Jesus with others?
  • When Jesus sent people out he didn’t tell them just to tell people about God, but to meet their needs (cast out demons, heal the sick). What are ways that you can help meet someone’s needs this week?
  • How could you connect with someone (remembering social distancing) outside of your family to encourage or be a friend to them this week?

Pray For Each Other