Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 31 (Monday, May 11)

Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 31 (Monday, May 11)

Read Mark 13:1-37

All through Everyday Following Jesus we have been reading small sections of the book of Mark to focus on different events and to tease out a life application from each section or event. However I believe that chapter 13 is best read as a whole so as to keep each statement clearly embedded in the context of what else Jesus was saying.

Mark 13 tells of a coming time of wrath and destruction. When kingdoms will go to war against each other, of earthquakes and starvation, but this, Jesus warns, is just the beginning of the troubles to come.

Jesus goes on to describe the persecution of Christians, the appearance of a horrible thing in a place where it does not belong, and a time of the greatest suffering the world has never known.

But in the midst of these proclamations of doom, Jesus reminds his followers of God’s faithfulness. When being persecuted, Jesus says, depend not on your own wisdom, but trust in God and at the right time the Holy Spirit will give you the right words to speak.

Jesus also reveals that these horrible times will come to an end.  Jesus speaks of a future time when he will return bringing peace and flourishing. So, Jesus warns, be ready. No one but the Father knows the day and time that these things will occur, so be ready at all times for Jesus’ return.

When Jesus does return, let us not be found to be sleeping in the spiritual sense, but awake and ready.


  • What stood out for you in today’s story? Do you have any questions?
  • There are some frightening images in today’s bible reading but the core truth is that whatever is going on, God is greater. How have you seen that God is bigger than the troubles you have faced?
  • In the middle of everything we are currently experiencing what does it mean for you to know that God is faithful?
  • Who could you bless this week by living generously through your words or actions?

 Pray For Each Other