Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 32 (Tuesday, May 12)

Every Day, Following Jesus – Day 32 (Tuesday, May 12)

Read Mark 14:10-21

Judas, one of twelve disciples, who has travelled with Jesus, learnt from Jesus and had every opportunity to experience who Jesus was, makes a decision to betray Jesus.  Approaching the chief priest, Judas agrees to betray Jesus in exchange for money.

How sad it is that when offered a relationship with God, some people would rather choose material wealth.

In the meantime, Jesus sent off two of his disciples with very specific instructions.  He tells them; “Go into the city where you will meet a man carrying a jug of water.  When you approach him, tell him that your teacher wants to know whether he has a room where they can share the Passover meal with his disciples. Go with the man and prepare the meal where he shows you.”  And just as Jesus said, all this came to pass.

Later that evening as they sit down to eat, Jesus reveals that one of those sharing the meal with him has already committed to betray him.  Each of the disciples, one after the other in grief ask Jesus’ “surely you don’t mean me”.  Yet rather than identify his betrayer, Jesus instead reveals that for that man it would have been better to have not been born at all.

I am fascinated by Jesus reaction. Jesus doesn’t just have a hunch that he will die, but he knows it for certain.  Just as he knew the details and plans for the Passover meal, so too does he know the intricate details of what will come next.  He even knows which disciple has already agreed to betray him.  But rather than run to a safe place, or organize for the quiet death of his betrayer, Jesus is resolute to complete what has been started.

What a Lord and Saviour we have, that even knowing what faced him, he faced it willingly out of his love for his father and  his love for us.


  • What stood out for you in today’s story? Do you have any questions?
  • Sometimes God’s plans don’t make sense at the time. Can you think of a time when things didn’t seem to make sense but later on you were able to look back and see how God had done something good?
  • Jesus chooses love over his own life. What does it mean for you to choose love this week?
  • How could you connect with someone (remembering social distancing) outside of your family to encourage or be a friend to this week?

Pray For Each Other

You might have noticed we’ve skipped Mark 14:1-9. If you get a chance during the week, catch it up.