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Everyday Worship – Worship Focuses Our Wavering Hearts (Sunday 29 March AM)


Thanks for being together today! Although we are separated, nothing separates us for the love of God!
Welcome especially if you are new to this online gathering. We’re are so glad you are with us! Please connect with us!
Today our time together will hopefully look a little similar to our ‘normal’ gatherings.
Please follow the outline knowing that we are all doing this together!

Call to worship (Read out loud)

It started with God.
He had the first word.
In the beginning, he was.
He started, we followed.
He initiated, we responded.
He invited, we answered.
He loved.
First of all, he loved.
He loved us first,
so that we could love.
Let us respond in worship.


Our Father we praise you in the lounge and the kitchen,
in the bathroom and the hallway.
We praise you when the sun shines and when the rain falls.
We praise you with a smile and with tears, in the mountains and the valleys and the plains in

We worship you Lord, in your splendour and holiness – tremble before him, earth.
And tell every nation, ‘The Lord is king, justice firm as the earth he formed.’
And heavens, be happy. Rocks rejoice. Seas shout, and sea creatures, too.
Fields wave, and field mice join in the song, as the forests find voice and sing. (from Psalm 96)

Thank you for your power and authority and for the way you hold together our world despite
its brokenness. Thanks for your grace towards us revealed in Jesus and for the way you
care about us personally. Thanks that we find deep security in your never-ending love and
We are facing the threat of the coronavirus and, despite all our efforts, we are powerless to
stop it. This is bringing your world to its knees and great hardship to individuals, groups and
We are humbly asking you to work in your grace and power by:

Forgiving our self-dependence and pride
Stopping the rapid spread of the virus
Healing those whose health and life are threatened
Bringing your peace to those who are fearful and anxious
Guiding our leaders as they make costly and difficult decisions
Leading those who are searching for a medical treatment
Protecting those who are most vulnerable
Providing for those who are struggling with significant losses
Strengthening those who are leading the treatment of victims of the virus
Helping us as Christians to respond with love and care
Guiding churches through the new limitations and working in us
Drawing people to yourself at this time of crisis and need
This is your world Lord and we trust you to bring your gracious healing to us.
Pray together for people in our church community and in our neighbourhood.


For me worship songs have taken on new significance during this time. The words seem more relevant, more powerful, more personal. Have you had this experience? Sing, listen, but most importantly let’s worship the King of Kings!




Kidz Biz

Here’s our Kidz Biz at home experience for this week. Our children have just started their Easter series so you’re joining us for Week 2 out of a 3-week series. Use this as a guide for adults and children to be engaging with the Bible together. Maybe after you do this together, you could have some morning tea, then send the kids off to play while you listen to Stewart’s sermon. Enjoy Kidz Biz at home and make sure you send us your photos!


This is a new song that our worship team were very eager to introduce. When you listen, you’ll know why! It refers to 1 Peter 2:9 and takes me to Romans 6. Let’s celebrate and worship our God who bring light into darkness.


Everyday Worship: Worship focuses our wavering hearts


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