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Everyday Worship – Worship Transforms Our Everyday Lives (Sunday 22 March AM)


Firstly some thoughts from Pastor Stewart on COVID-19 and our church response.

Then Pastor Michael speaks on our response to God’s invitation to offer our whole lives as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1) and we consider this morning what this means for the often mundane events of the every day. What does it look like to worship God as we walk the dog, do the dishes, battle traffic and go to work? May we see the role of gathering together on a Sunday to be an essential part of the sending us out to everyday acts of worship.

Prayer of Examen:

  • Make time (10-15minutes) when you won’t be interrupted.  Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can just stop.  Put your phone on silent or even better in another room.  A notepad beside you can be helpful to drop down thoughts.
  • Take some time to concentrate on your breathing.  Allow yourself to slow down, become conscious of your own breathing.
  • Take a moment to thank God that he has been with you throughout the day.  Thanks God that he knows you and loves you.
  • Think through your day, beginning from your waking moments.  As you can think through each part of your day and pay notices to those ways that God has been with you, thank God for the ways that he has provided for you throughout the day.
  • As you think through the day if something comes to mind that convicts you, take time to acknowledge that, to confess that to God and then trust in his forgiveness and grace.
  • When you get back to the present, stop.   Finish with a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude.
  • If particular things came to mind you may wish to jot them down in your notebook.

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