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Hope Walks With Us (19 April)


Thank you for joining us today and thanks for your feedback on our Easter Services. At this stage we are not planning on streaming our services every week, but have been greatly encouraged by your feedback and are continuing to explore ways that keep us connected with God and each other so we are ready to demonstrate God’s love as we emerge from COVID-19.

Welcome especially if you are new to this online gathering. We’re are so glad you are with us! Please connect with us!

Please follow the outline knowing that we are all doing this together!


A powerful moment in our live stream over the Easter weekend was the song Miracle reminding us that just as Jesus defeated death he calls us to himself, he is our comfort and our hope.  For me “Miracle” reminds me of the incredible overwhelming feelings that Mary and the disciples must have experienced on that Easter morning as their grief was turned into joy.





Heavenly Father, we are reminded that as we reflect on Easter, that you are the one who restores life.  In our present circumstances we turn to you.  May you open our eyes to your presence in our everyday.  Remind us that we are not alone in our current struggles and that you are with us.  Lead us to act in love towards one another.  Despite our current isolation, reveal to us ways that we can reach out and connects with others.  Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.




Kidz Biz at Home

Kidz Biz is on holidays this week but will begin again next Sunday! Maybe this week as a family you could join in the global phenomenon of adding pictures and messages of hope on the footpath outside your home. Maybe you could even add a hope-filled prayer or Bible verse to your messages. Think about as a family how you are being filled with hope during these times.

Don’t forget that we also have the Everyday: Following Jesus devotions being added to our church website from Monday to Friday. They’re great to do as a family!


In the midst of all of our current experiences it is important to be reminded of the greatness of our creator God.  Throughout the year we often make references to the 4G’s of God.

God is Great – so we don’t have to be in control

God is Good – so we don’t need to look elsewhere for our satisfaction

God is Glorious – so we don’t have to fear others

God is Gracious – so we don’t have to prove ourselves to God

Reflect on these four eternal truths about God as we declare together How Great is Our God.


How Great Is Our God

Time of prayer

Use this outline to lead a special time of prayer.

Our Father

  • Acknowledge God as Sovereign creator, the beginning and the end
  • We are invited to call God ‘Abba Father’ as Jesus did. Abba Father is a combination of love and respect – Abba Father means: Dad, Daddy, Father who loves me unconditionally. Take some time to Pray to God as Abba.

Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done

  • Pray for what Abba wants.
  • At Rivers we talk about God’s Kingdom being wherever the King gets exactly what he wants.  Pray for God’s Kingdom to become a reality amongst our present circumstances.  What would it look like in the different areas of your life, our community and our neighbourhood for the King to get what He wants?

Give us our Daily Bread

  • Bring before Abba your needs, worries and concerns.  What are the things occupying your thoughts right now?
  • Pray for the needs of others:
    • That God will guide leaders as they guide nations through this pandemic
    • For those who are grieving for the loss of loved ones
    • For those who processing the loss of jobs and income
    • For those searching for a sense of purpose
    • For those who are vulnerable, lonely and isolated

Forgive Us as We Forgive

Lead Us

  • Lead us to respond as a church during changing times.
  • That Christians will seek God and his word during these times
  • That God will use church leaders and those with technical and creative skills to help us connect with and encounter him through online platforms
  • That adversity and challenge will draw us closer to each other and to God in this season



Connect More about Jesus Respond Save PDF

Post Talk Discussion

Take some time to discuss the following questions and then pray for one another:

  • Where do you search for hope, what are some of the things that you have placed your hope in?
  • Think about those people you spend time with on a regular basis – where do they place their hope?
  • Thinking about some of your regular relationships – what does it mean to transition between Stranger to Fellow Traveller to Guest at the Table to Revealing Jesus?


From Shannon – “The chorus of Build My Life is a prayer in response;  Open my eyes and show me what it means to love others and walk beside them as you do. Show me how to be that little bit more like you every single day and show others what Gods love looks like in their every day struggles.

Build My Life


Thanks for being together today!

And to finish – Romans 15:5-6:

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ