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Living the Jesus Creed – Surrender (17 May)


We are a worshipping community, experiencing the reality of God and expressing this by offering help and hope to people within our church community and among our neighbours.

We recognise that we are not simply a church service to be attended but that we are a community who loves to gather.

How can you be connecting with someone as we gather today? Send them a text, give them a call or join us in our Zoom Gathering at 10:30am. Find the link at the end of our online content for today.

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Psalm 145

Use the words of Psalm 145:8-13 to help remind you of God’s character and how this is seen in his kingdom. You may want to read the rest of this Psalm aloud with those you are with or use the words as prompts to praise God together.

Song – Glorious Day

God’s everlasting kingdom is most clearly demonstrated by Jesus. His life given for us, offers the possibility of new life, each and every day.


What would it look like for Jesus – our King – to get exactly His way on earth?

What would this look like in our church, homes, streets, schools, sporting clubs and workplaces? Let’s surrender our will now, to the will of God. Let’s pray for our neighbours and our church. Let’s seek God’s desires for our lives as we participate in His emerging kingdom.

As you watch the video, use the prompts on the screen to pray together.

Rivers Update

This week we will be sharing our Rivers Update as part of our Zoom Gathering at 10:30am. Find the link at the end of our online content for today.


We want to thank those who have continued to give generously and sacrificially throughout recent weeks. You can use the button below to set up a regular offering as part of our church.


Kidz Biz

Families with children, it’s time for you to spend some time together discovering more about Everyday Worship. Watch the next episode of Church Ladies, which asks the question: “What’s my diary got to do with worship?”

After you’ve watched the video, click on the Kidz Biz at Home ideas here.

Don’t forget that we also have the Everyday: Following Jesus devotions being added to our church website from Monday to Friday. They’re great to do as a family!

Sermon – Living the Jesus Creed – Surrender

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Discussion and Prayer

Spend some time with those you’re with, responding together. Use the following questions to start your discussion:

  1. When was the last time you surrendered to Jesus in an area of your life? What brought about that moment?
  2. What would it look like for you to surrender your body, mind, heart and soul (pick one) to Jesus again this week?
  3. If Jesus defines following him as self-denial and cross-carrying, what does this mean for you, this week?

Song – No One But You

This song has a couple of distinct movements. Firstly, the words proclaim the magnificent actions of God in transforming people’s lives. Next, the lyrics respond by joining with all of creation in worshipping our awesome God.

Use the words of this song to continue in your responsiveness to King Jesus. It might be helpful to pray during the beginning of this song. As you pray, ask God to highlight how you can continue to surrender to him throughout the week.

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